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Green Lighting - What's the benefit?  What can we do about it?

Passionate about going GREEN but concerned about cost?  Our Zero Capital Budget Scheme is deemed what you are looking for.  Being your trusted Energy Conservation Partner, H&A Global Consulting is proud to introduce you to this amazing program offered by iLIGHTING.   With this, not only that you can go GREEN with contribution to a dramatic reduction of COemission, you can also enjoy a big cut in your electric bill.   On top of that, you will receive from us the top quality lighting products, highly tailored energy saving solutions and a satisfaction guarantee implementation support services over your greening cycle.  

While LED is the talk of the town, iLIGHTING's product range covers a much broader domain which fits for virtually every environment where energy cost saving is desired.  

Among the various lighting and energy saving solutions on the market, iSAVER by iLIGHTING seems to be the most sought after flourescent technology.  An award winner, this solution has been widely used by numerous customers including the government, major universities, well recongized property management companies, 5 star hotels, banks, insurance company, shopping malls and commercial premises.  A fascinating design to optimze brightness, energy efficiency and fire safety, iSAVER is proven to be the most reliable solution in cutting your electric bills and eliminating global warming.  





      iSAVER - What is it?

  • Is a uniquely designed T5 based flourescent tubes for T8 replacement, featuring a built-in electronic ballast and a high brightness retention 
  • Can save 40-50% power while keeping high luminous efficiency and brightness
  • Truly environmental friendly
  • Unique design and elegant for office or specialized complex setup
  • Decent warranty and quality service (3 year warranty on electronic parts)
  • Tube life up to 10,000 hours or more
  • Easy and convenient to install and maintain
  • CE and safety certified internationally (Contain much lower HG)
  • Flexible payment schemes to guarrantee effective ROI


(A Strategic Alliance of HAGC)


iLIGHTING - Your Lighting Expert

iLighting Product Company Limited, a Hong Kong based high-technology lighting designer, manufacturer and exporter, has emerged into a professoinal system integrator for lighting solution as well as intelligence power control systems for customers all over the world, with recent focuses back onto the Hong Kong and Macau markets.  We highly recommend iLIGHTING because of their commitment to quality -  the quality of products they design, the quality of technology innovation on Intelligence Office and Intelligence Home, and the quality of system integration, project implementation and customer satisfaction guarantee.  Their continuous investment on R&D has enabled them to enrich their product range and service scope to meet your complex energy saving needs.


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