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Incipient Fire Detector (IFD)  

World’s Most Versatile Fire Safety System     


Built around the world’s most sophisticated technology, Protec’s  Incipient Fire Detector (IFD) is reputed by its exceptional sensitivity and false alarm free capability used by countless organizations world-wide to protect their most valuable assets and lives.   

Distinguished from those laser based smoke detectors, the detection principle of the IFD’s Cirrus Series adopts a very different technology -Wilson Cloud Chamber - a profound technology invented by C.T.R. Wilson, a winner of Nobel Physics prize in 1929.   This technology was later used by GE’s National Defense Electronic Department to detect and trace the German Army’s diesel submarine during World War II.  Upon series of improvement and re-engineering tasks on the cloud chamber technology, the 1st generation of IFD came to life in 1973.




           Most Affordable 

Most cost effective and affordable than ever before, the latest generation of Cirrus Series Fire Safety System is now fully intelligence equipped, capable of detecting and monitoring air particles arisen from combustion, arcing or just overheating.  Since the size of most such particles are invisible and could easily be a 100 times tinier than those generated from smoke, notification can be provided during the very early stages of a fire, far earlier than those laser based devices which may only recognize particles of smoke generated or the like.


This method of detection makes the IFD system extremely sensitive but stable.   Many conditions typically associated with false alarms have virtually no effect on the IFD, including high air velocity, dust, temperature and humidity variations.





The networked, scalable IFD Cirrus monitoring and control system further empowers the detection capability to support virtually all kinds of mission critical applications for such industries or user groups as Mass Transit Transportation, power utilities, IT Data Centre, Manufacturing, Banks, Government Departments, Warehouses, Universities, Research Centres, Power Control Rooms, etc.  With heavy R&D commitment, Protec has enabled the latest cloud chamber detection most cost efficient.  Whether the application is small or large, there is an IFD Cirrus to do the job economically and effectively.




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