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Executive Search - to help you with a smart hiring

                 Recruiting the right man for the right job at the right time as the first yet critical step of talet capital build-up is the dream of most organizations.  H&A Global Consulting is here to make it come true for you.  The difference we can make is we possess a very high quality of candidate pool and that our consultants are all knowledgeable professionals who know what criteria are most needed, how to select the right persons and where to find them.  Most important of all, our consultants are all passionate about quality.  They are motivated only by quality output and client satisfaction.  Following are how we implement smart hiring and quality retention for you.

  • Pre-hiring:- partner with clients to explore new job requirement, map up with business objectives, frame desired job results, define competence required, write JD and develop advertising strategy.
  • Conduct the search:- update the clients from time to time of the CV receiving status and job market dynamics.  Target is to secure the right man within the shortest time span.
  • CV verification and background search:- use all available network to make sure all info we transmit to you are true and accurate and trustworthy. 
  • Candidate ability and psychometric assessment:- we have a comprehensive set of world class tools to conduct this kind of testing in case you need so or you want to save your time to effort on mass interview.  Our assessment services are very scalable where we can come up with different kinds and various levels of candidate assessment reports to suit your various needs. 
  • Candidate profile analysis and recommendation:- upon all the verification and assessment services, we will also add our professional evaluation and judgment to filter the candidate pools so that the final short listed candiates you receive will be guarranteed the best few.  
  • Post hiring follow-up:- this is a very important part of service we will conduct.  For every success hiring, we will follow up for at least 3 months to ensure what we judge is of a value to the client on one hand and to help us improve for the future hiring on the other.

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