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H&A Global Consulting - Our Mission

H&A Global Consulting is keen to support enterprises wanting to boost their organizational effeciency, sales effectiveness, operational excellence, environmental protection & workplace safety.  Specialized in Business Process Reinvention, our focus lies on HR Excellence, GREEN Lighting Advisory, Fire Safety Implementation and Energy Conservation Management.

Enabling a safe, happy and green workplace for enterprises that care for global warming and quality of livelihood of all living beings is always our mission.   When considering making our lifestyle more environmentally friendly, we tend to give much attention to homes.   While people are spending more time at work today, greening an office seems more inevitable than ever before.  Seeing this vast energy reduction opportunities for enterprises, we at H&A Global Consulting therefore come up with the THREE PRINCIPLES of Energy Saving for enterprises who wish to go GREEN.

(1) know your energy usage pattern and identify saving opportunity,

(2) maximize conservation, and

(3) utilize technology   



Our mission is to help you as our valued clients to evolve into an enterprise not only highly profitable and management excellent but also people oriented, socially responsible and quality driven.  With the passion and all rounded expertise of our consultants who are keen to help you with your organization efficiency, HR excellence, workplace safety, office greening, environmental friendliness, and most importantly, cost effectiveness, our goal is to grow together with you to maximize your organziation motivation, business innovation and profitability.

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