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H&A Global Consulting - Your Trusted ESG Partner

Established in 2010, H&A Global Consulting Group Limited is a versatile yet advanced business consultancy firm and IoT oriented engineering and fire safety solutions supplier. Our business is split into 2 focuses. On one hand, we are specialized in providing business consultancy, leadership coaching and corporate training for enterprises and individuals who wish to excel their performance and productivity in the contemporary Web 3.0, NFT and Meterverse era which include sales effectiveness, marketing innovation, smart finance management, leadership, agile project management, strategic decision making and action oriented performance management to enhance personal or organizational governance.  

On the other hand, we are expert in providing ESG driven IoT solutions to support organizations to accomplish energy efficiency, environmental protection, carbon reduction and fire safety.  Our solutions include IoT centric smart lightings, innovative facility management, building services automation and the mission critical and false alarm free fire detection systems - the world famous fire detector for incipient fire detection yet with no false alarm, not to mention our ESG compliance advisory and sophisticated implementation services.   


 ESG浪潮襲來企業轉型要早ESG投資要聚焦三大策略- CSR@天下



Our Services

1. Business Consultancy, Leadership Coaching and Corporate Training:

  • Corporate Training in Leadership, Talent Development, Sales & Marketing, Strategic Negotiation and Decision Making, and Action Oriented Performance Management
  • Business Consultancy
  • Leadership and Career Development Coaching for Individuals 

2. ESG Solution Supply, Advisory and Implementation

  • Smart IoT solutions for Building Services Automation
  • Energy Efficient LED Lightings
  • ESG Consultancy

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